Recommend a Professional

At Lynk, we search far and wide to find the best professionals in Nairobi, through partnerships with professional associations and training schools, recommendations, and direct outreach. 

We hope that you can help us in our search! 

We have all worked with some amazing fundis, housekeepers, technicians and other professionals in our lives, and we hope to help those great professionals to find more work. If you are leaving town, and had an amazing housekeeper or nanny, please let us know! If a heroic locksmith once saved you when you were locked out in the middle of the night, tell us! If you only go to one workshop for furniture, because their stuff is just so much cooler than anywhere else, we would love to help the carpenter reach a wider audience!

If you have someone in mind, please let us know who they are and why you think they are awesome using the Recommend-a-Professional form below. For any Lynk customers (who have completed jobs) we will credit your account with Ksh200 for any recommendations, just to say thanks! Asante sana


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