As a company, we’re committed to making sure that our Pros complete every job to satisfaction. If a job is not completed to the agreed upon specifications, simply reply to the project conclusion email within 24 hours, and our job management team will work with the professional to address any outstanding issues. Please note that payment is released to the Pro 24 hours after job completion, therefore complaints must be shared before this time.

In some cases, our professionals provide warranties for newly procured parts, or completed jobs. The professionals communicate the warranties when they share their quote and you can see the details and duration of the warranty while reviewing quotes. If you experience a related problem during the warranty period, let us know by replying to the payment confirmation email you received after the job was concluded. Our team will coordinate with the professional to fix the issue at the earliest mutually convenient date.

Lynk cannot take responsibility for damage or loss caused by Lynk Pros beyond the immediate scope of the project. In selecting a Pro, you are engaging them directly as an independent contractor.