Problem with my Pro

Our goal is to make working with informal sector professionals safe, fair, and very easy. Unfortunately this isn't always the case and occasionally things go wrong. This is why we have a dedicated job satisfaction team designed to resolve any issue that comes up in the best and fastest way possible. Whether it's a Lynk Pro running late, a job not finished properly, or any other issue - just send us an email to let us know what happened. One of our job satisfaction managers will get back to you immediately to find a solution.

Additionally, anytime you have a negative experience with a Lynk Pro we would appreciate it if you could share your frustration in the rating form that you receive after the job is complete. Keeping track of both good and bad experiences is incredibly important not only to help future customers decide who to work with, but also to help the professional identify areas of improvement.

Please note that Pros who are responsible for any serious infractions, or are consistently receiving low ratings or complaints, will be immediately removed from the Lynk platform and will not be eligible to receive job requests in the future.