Managing a Full-Time Request

The Lynk team is your point of contact for all jobs. You will receive notifications via SMS and email when an action is required. Once a request is submitted it appears on your dashboard. Selecting the jobs tab displays all the jobs you have on the Lynk platform. You can filter the list according to the status of the job. The jobs list includes your Pro's name, the service requested, the scheduled date, and the matched value, status, or action required. Select the arrow on a job to view the location and time of the job. To reschedule or cancel a job, select the arrow in your dashboard and click on the relevant action. You can also contact us via email - please include your job ID in your note.

Once you've selected and scheduled interviews with a number of Pros they will contact you via phone once they arrive at the interview location. Following the interviews you can select your Pro on the Lynk platform and schedule their startdate. Your chosen Pro will contact you via phone on the requested start date. All full-time requests begin on a 3 month probationary period through Lynk. The Lynk team is always on hand to manage a job, to learn more about the probationary period read this article.