How We Manage Pros

As a social enterprise, we care deeply about all the Pros in our system, and are constantly looking for ways to help them grow through jobs and products we offer. We conduct trainings ourselves where possible, and seek training partnerships where we can. We demand high standards from all Lynk Pros, and they are all introduced to the Lynk Quality Standards at orientation. These standards require not just excellent technical workmanship, but timeliness and good communication. 

We have a strict three strikes rule to remove Pros from the system if they underperform. Pros accused of serious misconduct are immediately removed. We also consistently review Pro's speciality skills - a skill can be added if they build a new skill area, or if we discover that a Pro is not as good at one skill as the others, that skill will be removed from their profile. This ensures that we're always querying the right Pros for each job - what you see on a Pro's profile is what you get!