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Why join Lynk?

Lynk is a network of high quality Pros from over 75 professions and technical trades. If you think you're one of the best of your trade, offering not just excellent skills but fantastic customer service, then Lynk is the place for you.

On the Lynk platform, we aim to provide our Pros with more jobs, and better incomes. We deliver job opportunities to your phone for free. You pick the jobs you're interested in, and quote the prices that you find fair.

Lynk is convenient; we do the hard stuff for you, from finding and sharing the most suitable opportunities, managing customers, and ensuring prompt payments.

We want to help our #digitalpros to widen their market online, through an online bookable profile which grows over time through the work they do. 

Lynk Pros wide
Requirements for consideration

These are a set of general requirements that all Lynk Pros are expected to meet. Beyond this, we have specific requirements for certain professions and trades.

  1. Demonstrated expertise in sector of work: It's not about years of experience, but it is about quality. We're looking for Pros who are great at what they do, from carpentry to cleaning, to errand running.

  2. Pride & passion: We're not just looking for people who can do a job - we're looking for people who love their job! Lynk Pros take pride in their work and are driven by their enjoyment of their profession as well as their desire to satisfy the client. 

  3. No middlemen: Lynk aims to connect customers directly to quality service providers. While many jobs can require multiple people working on them, the Lynk Pro will always be a skilled tradesperson themselves and function as the contract point, rather than a middleman or broker.

  4. Friendly, on time, mwaminifu: We take pride not just in the technical capacities of our amazing Lynk Pros, but their professionalism, their timeliness, and their communication. Lynk Pros are rated in these skills for every job, so if you tend to be late, you're not going to last long on the platform.
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If you're interested, please fill out our Pre-Screen Form below to tell us more about yourself. We have a large waiting list, so we will get in contact with you ONLY if you look like the right fit when we are next recruiting for your technical areas of expertise. We can't wait to meet you!